Equalizing Inflator/Deflator - High Pressure - Small Wheelbase

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Higher max pressure than our standard system, but the hose is less flexible. Connects to all four tire valve stems at the same time and immediately begins to equalize the pressure in all four tires. Gauge shows air pressure. Open the included ball valve and reduce the pressure in all four tires. Attach a compressed air source to the quick disconnect and inflate all four tires at once. While inflating or deflating you can close the ball valve to check the tire pressure at any time. 200 psi max. The Small Wheelbase Size system will put the manifold between the drivers seat and door on a Jeep type vehicle and will reach all 4 tires. The four hose lengths are 9', 7', 13', 11'. This is not something cobbled together from Harbor Freight junk like other systems that you may find.
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